Toshiba SDV391

This DVD/VCR combo was engineered with all the advanced features and cosmetic appeal you've come to expect from Toshiba. Housed within a sleek, silver chassis that adds a stylish exclamation point to the look of your entertainment system, it provides a full array of home theater ready connections, including Composite and S-Video outputs. Optical and coaxial outputs provide full compatibility with Dolby Digital and DTS digital systems. Readily accessible front-panel audio/video inputs permit easy connection from a camcorder for simple dubbing of home movies to the VHS deck.

Take a Good Look at Progressive Scan

ColorStream Pro component video outputs make it possible to achieve superior image purity by transferring the purest video signal possible. If you have a high-definition television capable of displaying a progressive scan signal, you can take advantage of the DVD player's progressive scan technology that bypasses the traditional pitfalls associated with taking material from the big screen to your TV screen. The end result of this progressive technology is seen in amazing film-like reproduction of DVD movies. If you're picky about picture quality, you need a progressive DVD player.

Versatility and Other Advantages

Enjoy a wide variety of discs with this player including DVD-Video, DVD-R, audio CDs, CD-R, CD-RW and Video CD as well as MP3 software files recorded on CD-R and CD-RW discs. You can even watch a DVD while simultaneously recording a program on VHS. Now you can finish watching that movie without missing your favorite evening program. What's more, if you have an interest in digital photography, this component is the perfect complement to your camera since it also includes the ability to decode and display JPEG images.

Let's Go To The VIdeo Tape

The built-in 4-head VCR utilizes a pair of 19-micron video heads which deliver exceptional (near SP) picture quality of content recorded and played back in the extended play (EP) mode. Toshiba's 19 Micron heads match precisely the width of the SLP and EP azimuths and read only the signal recorded on each azimuth (not adjoining tracks). The benefit is significantly enhanced SLP and EP performance that is so good, it rivals the quality of tapes recorded in the SP mode. To help you navigate through your VHS tape, you have Commercial Skip, which will automatically advance the tape 30 seconds forward, bypassing recorded commercials. Pressing the skip button on the remote again will advance the tape another 30 seconds, for those longer commercial breaks.

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