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Sony DVPCX875P

Progressive Scan and Disc Compatibility

The new generation of " high scanning" televisions can display twice as much on-screen resolution as their predecessors. This is a DVD player that takes advantage of that performance. If you have a high definition TV, you can take full advantage of the progressive scan 480P output that delivers beautiful, film-like images to HD capable TVs, projectors and monitors. But professionally produced DVD movies aren't all you'll enjoy with this dynamic player. This 301-disc changer also accepts DVD-RW (Video Mode) discs, so you'll be ready when the relatives start sending you their homemade DVD movies from the family reunion. When your eyes have had enough, you can listen to your CD-R/RW discs, including those burned with your favorite MP3 files. So, step up to modern high-quality entertainment with this 300 + 1 Disc DVD changer.

A Conversion Experience & Overcoming Limitations

You'll be singing the praises of Sony's dedicated 12-bit, 108MHz D/A (digital/analog) converter the first time you watch a movie on this amazing DVD player. The digital to analog converter produces several times the fine gradations in the luminance (Y) channel and twice the fine gradations in each of the color channels. So, you get beautiful rendition of colors and gray scale from the deepest black to the brightest highlights. Sony DVD players have a solid reputation for their ability to play discs that are warped, dusty or otherwise less than perfect. Now, with the Precision Drive 2 system, Sony players can track even better. The system uses dynamic tilt compensation to give you the best performance from every disc you play. This improved mechanism is simpler, faster and able to correct for an even wider range of disc imperfections.

Block Noise Reduction

One characteristic limitation of DVD's MPEG compression system is " block noise". This is the tendency of delicately shaded picture areas to be rendered as solid rectangles of color. Instead of a continuous contour of color fading softly into shadow on the cheek of an actress, you see subtle blocks of approximately correct color. Sony controls the problem on the vertical axis with Block Noise Reduction. Because the player knows where the block borders are, it identifies and suppresses block noise. The result is a smoother, more delicately shaded and more lifelike image. Other image enhancing circuitry includes Digital Video Equalization that provides factory preset settings that you can use to digitally adjust your DVD player for optimum video quality.

This Machine Remembers

The world doesn't stop just because you want to watch a movie. That's why we have " pause" buttons. Sometimes you need more than a brief pause and when you do make it back to your movie, you don't remember where you left off. The multi-disc resume feature in this intelligent DVD player stores the point where you stopped the disc (for up to 40 discs) and resumes playback at that point the next time you put the disc in your player. The custom parental control also has memory for up to 40 discs, allowing parents to " block" certain DVDs from being viewed by those who don't have the necessary clearance. The easy-to-use Picture Navigation system features Bookmark, Picture Memory and Strobe playback to make accessing all the features and content on your discs even easier.

We Have You Virtually Surrounded

If you don't have surround speakers, this DVD changer offers TV Virtual Surround modes that can generate convincing surround sound effects. You can choose from several different modes that match your program material and situation. These sound modes are all optimized for use with your television's built-in speakers so there's no reason to put off picking up a DVD player any longer.

Included With Purchase

A/V cable (pin plug x 3), Remote Commander remote control, 2 AA batteries (for remote).


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