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Samsung DVDV3500

This combination component features the latest technology to give you the best picture quality. Progressive Scan circuitry allows superior non-interlaced images to be sent to the latest Digital Television receivers. The smooth, progressive scan image eliminates even the slightest hint of blur or distortion, bringing new realism to DVD movies and DVD video selections. The result is DVD movie images that are incredibly smooth and natural. This player uses a 10-bit video DAC (digital to analog converter), combined with carefully selected analog components to ensure accurate recreation of the original DVD image. Component video output terminals are built-in, providing you the highest quality video signal transfer for the ultimate DVD video quality. S-Video and composite video connections are also provided for added connection versatility. There is even a screen fit function that offers you an array of options to ensure that the DVDs you watch fit your TV screen properly, whether you have a standard TV with a 4:3 aspect ratio, or a 16:9 ratio Widescreen style set.

Listen Up

The visual feast of DVD is only part of the fun. There is also the amazing sound that is available with DVD. For easy integration into multichannel home theater systems, this player provides both optical and coaxial digital audio outputs. When connected to a compatible receiver with the appropriate decoding abilities, these digital outputs enable you to enjoy Dolby Digital and/or DTS multichannel surround sound. These flexible terminals can also provide stereo digital audio signals for advanced digital audio systems; ideal for enjoying high fidelity audio CDs or the new DVD Audio formats with higher sampling rates and wider dynamic range for even finer reproduction of your favorite music. You can enjoy other discs in this player also. Including CD-R/RW discs that you've recorded in standard CD format or loaded full of MP3 tunes. Compatibility with a wide range of software is made possible by the special dual mode optical pickup.

Going Faster & Faking It

If you don't have a full blown home theater system assembled yet, you can tap into the Phantom Surround Processor for realistic "virtual" surround sound. This powerful option can be used to deliver a rich simulated surround effect through just two speakers. Left & Right analog audio terminals provide Dolby Surround encoded audio for superb stereo sound. You can quickly and easily track down precise places on your DVDs using 2x Audio Playback. This handy feature delivers clear, natural sounding audio even when discs are played at twice their normal speed.

Advanced Navigation

Motion Zoom is a cool way to check out the intricate details in your DVDs. It allows extreme magnification of selected scene areas, without distortion, even while the movie is playing. EZ View Letterbox Eliminator enables the elimination of the black letterbox bars of 4:3 TV screens with the push of a button on the remote control. On the VCR side, Jet Picture search allows clear viewing of video at an incredible 7x normal play speed for SP tapes (21x for SLP). Intro Scan locates the start of each separate recording on a tape and plays the first five seconds before fast forwarding to the next start point. It's a great way to scan through unlabeled tapes.

More From the VCR

What a great way to settle the question of whether to replace your VCR with another one, or step up to a DVD player. This way you get both in a single component about the size of your old VCR. The VCR side of this convenient component is every bit as quality as the DVD beside it. To start with, it provides high quality, Hi-Fi stereo recording and playback. The Hi-Fi audio tuner and an MTS stereo tuner system also deliver Dolby Surround compatible sound from encoded tapes and broadcasts. The Dual Azimuth 4 head Record/Playback system ensures jitter free performance even when using scan and still modes. Digital Auto Tracking automatically adjusts the video head position for optimum quality to keep each video looking its best. Special HQ and luminance noise reduction (YNR) circuitry improves the signal to noise ratio (SNR) by as much as 1.5dB which represents another significant improvement in playback quality. Get the show on the road quickly thanks to the special quick start mechanism that preloads your tape so that when you hit play, your show is ready to go. One Touch Recording (OTR) brings one button simplicity to taping your shows, while End Search helps protect against accidentally recording over programs you want to keep by scanning a tape at high speed and marking the beginning of each recording found on the tape.

Included With Purchase

Audio/video cables, instruction manual, IR remote with 2 AA batteries.


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