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Samsung DVDP721M

If your television supports Progressive Scan Video, this is the DVD player for you. Progressive Scan with 3:2 pulldown has twice the scan rate, using twice as many scan lines as a conventional interlaced picture. Twice as many lines basically means twice the clarity of picture. The quality you get with Progressive Scan is as close to the actual film as is currently possible. Colors are smooth, lines are distinct, and images are more stable.
If you have a Progressive Scan television or are planning on purchasing one in the future,
this is the DVD player you want.

The Ultimate Laser Treatment

Get the most out of all your DVD and audio discs with this player. The dual laser diode pickup system uses separate laser diodes for CDs and DDS, allowing accurate data transfer from virtually any disc. Traditional single pickup systems are designed for DVD. When they read a prerecorded disc, they electrically modify the laser beam to read the information. The Samsung dual laser diode system can read CD & CD-R discs, even MP3 encoded discs just as easily. No modifications are necessary, therefore nothing is lost in the transfer.

Memory Stick Interface

The Memory Stick interface brings a host of new options to this DVD player. You can instantly transfer MP3 music files from a Memory Stick portable audio device, and listen to your favorite music using the full fidelity of any home entertainment system connected to your new DVD player. Display your digital photos on your TV by simply removing the Memory Stick from a Memory Stick compatible digital camera, and inserting it into the convenient front port.

It's All Under Control

The advanced universal remote controls the DVD player, as well as a host of TVs, VCRs and other equipment all from this single sleek unit. A convenient jog shuttle dial is also included, allowing fast and precise navigation to your favorite scenes. Jog/Shuttle controls on both the remote and sleek front panel offer convenience in navigating DVD content. A simple turn of the large shuttle dial speeds playback along, forward or reverse, at varying speeds dependent on how far you move the dial. You also get an EZ remote control that puts all basic DVD functions right into the palm of your hand. The sleek egg-shaped EZ remote includes Play/Pause and Stop buttons, forward and reverse Skip/Search keys, a carefully positioned menu control ring and enter button. Basic operations will quickly become instinctive, so you will be navigating the latest DVD software in no time at all.

Phantom Surround Processor

If you're without a surround sound speaker system in your home, help has arrived! The Phantom Surround Processor can be used to deliver a rich simulated surround sound effect through just two speakers. The simulated surround effect depends on the disc contents. If you connect the unit to your stereo system, you can enhance sound quality and produce a greater surround effect. This feature is useful when you are using your DVD player with a two channel stereo through the analog outputs.

Included With Purchase

A/V cables, EZ remote and universal jog shuttle remote with 2 AA batteries.



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