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Samsung DVDHD931

Your New HDTV Source

Samsung's DVDHD931 is the perfect compliment to any HDTV display. It up-converts standard DVDs from 480i to HDTV-level 720P or 1080i resolution, right at the source. Many TVs are now capable of this type of conversion, but by up-converting at the source, the DVDHD931 creates HDTV-level images that have fewer artifacts and less noise than what you see with other up-conversion methods. This superior signal can then be transferred to your TV in all its pure digital splendor using the DVI (Digital Video Interface) output. With no analog conversion to lessen quality along the way, the video signal arrives at your TV with all the resolution it had upon exiting the player.

More on DVI

DVI is a high-bandwidth interconnection that has become the video connection of choice for many high-resolution digital display devices like HDTV capable TVs and projectors. When you use an analog connection such as S-Video or even Component Video, the video signal must be converted from digital to analog and then back to digital. DVI is a pure digital connection that eliminates conversion loss and analog degradation; which should make you and your TV very pleased indeed. One day soon all TVs will probably have DVI connections, but we're not there yet, so the DVDHD931 also has Component Video, S-Video and Composite Video outputs. Audio options include optical and coaxial digital connections as well as two sets of L/R analog outputs.

De-interlacing with Faroudja

Interlacing may sound like a feature on the latest sports footwear, but in this case it has to do with how an image is drawn on your TV screen. The most common way to display an image on a TV screen is by using what is known as an interlaced signal. More and more televisions are now capable of displaying a higher quality progressive video signal, so many components now perform de-interlacing processing that converts an interlaced signal into a progressive signal. Samsung does a superior job with this complex processing by using Faroudja's (DCDi) de-interlacing. In technical terms, DCDi performs directional interpolation on each pixel, detecting the angle of an outer tilt by pixel, and then de-interlacing the signal according to that angle. Simply put, images look crisper and have better defined edges thanks to DCDi de-interlacing.

Attention to Detail

To get you even closer to the original film feel, Samsung also employs state of the art 3:2 pulldown that helps recreate the look of material shot on film so when you watch your favorite movies at home, they look even more like the original big screen copy than before. Images are brought even closer to perfection with Samsung's Digital Signal Processing (DSP) which includes Contrast Enhancement, Chroma Enhancement and Detail Enhancement. Each critical component of the video signal is given special attention this way. Contrast Enhancement uses a 256-step analysis to create brighter light areas and darker black areas. Outlines are corrected and sharpened with Detail Enhancement for clearly distinguished images, while Chroma Enhancement makes colors more vivid and lifelike. It's this kind of attention to detail that enables the DVDHD931 to produce outstanding images and helped earn it the prestigious CES Innovations Award for DVD players.

Playtime Treats

To further increase your enjoyment of the DVDHD931 progressive scan DVD player, Samsung made sure to include plenty of user-friendly amenities like the on-screen display, Letter-Box Eliminator and instant replay. Zoom in on details too small to see at regular speed and take advantage of 2x speed fast forward with audio for superior scanning that's also easier on the eyes. The impressive DVD abilities of the DVDHD931 are enough to earn it a place in any high-definition system, but Samsung had to make it even better so they added capabilities for playing MP3 and WMA files recorded on CD-R/RW as well as the ability to display Photo CDs and JPEG CDs.

Supplied Accessories

Remote Control, 2 AAA batteries (for remote), User Guide, Video/Audio cable.



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