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Panasonic PVD4743S

Home Theater Ready

This versatile component is designed to integrate easily into any home theater system. Progressive scan provides a high density video signal instead of the traditional "interlaced" signal, resulting in a clearer DVD picture when connected to a digital TV with 480p capability. If you have component video inputs in your system, you can take advantage of the component video output for the best picture quality your system is capable of. You also have the option of S-Video, which approaches the quality of component video, and composite (RCA style) A/V connections, which are the most widely used. This combination component really packs in the performance, combining two full-featured units into one convenient case that is the same width as a standard audio or video component (approx. 17 inches), so it will fit right in with the rest of your home theater system. This is a real benefit if you stack your components or have them rack mounted.

Surround Sound

To help you re-create the realistic surround sound of today's movie soundtracks at home, this DVD/VCR combination deck has an optical digital audio output so you can connect it to an external DTS and/or Dolby Digital decoder (or an AV receiver with built-in decoding) for exhilarating multi-channel digital audio that really brings the action to life. Even without an elaborate home theater system, you can still enjoy the thrilling sounds of any movie thanks to Panasonic's Virtual Surround Sound. It creates a surround sound effect by simulating surround-channel sounds using only two front stereo speakers, for a cinema like experience from a basic stereo system.

Four Heads & Hi-Fi

The built-in VCR offers true, high fidelity sound with a dynamic range of more than 90 decibels. With two of its four video heads dedicated to recording and playback in the SP speed, and the other two for SLP, you'll enjoy outstanding picture quality in both speeds. The tape position display is useful when you are inserting a tape for recording, or are already in the process of recording, and would like to see how much time is left on the tape. When accessed, this feature displays an on-screen icon depicting your current position on the tape, providing you with an accurate indication of the remaining tape length so you don't run out unexpectedly (usually at the worst possible time).

Finding What You Want, Faster!

There are a number of ways to locate the scenes you want to check out. If you're viewing a DVD, you can use the Skip Forward and Reverse to skip through the various chapters on a disc, or use Hi-Speed Smooth Motion Scan to zip through the video at speeds up to one-hundred times. Rapid Rewind and Fast Forward let you advance and rewind your VHS tapes at incredibly fast speeds. You can rewind a T-120 tape in less than one minute and get back to more important things (like watching more movies).

So Easy to Use

To help reduce remote clutter, the included universal remote operates most TVs and cable/DSS boxes. Using the Extended Data Service signal from your local PBS station (where available), the clock and date are set automatically. Plus, a 24-hour back-up system updates them after the first shutdown of the day. In the event of a power outage, the clock and date will automatically be reset when the power is restored. You can choose to view the clear, easy-to-follow on-screen-programming instructions, settings and information in either English, Spanish or French. With a full set of A/V inputs on the front panel, connecting camcorders, game systems and other components is quick and easy.



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