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Panasonic DMRE50K

A New Way to Record

Digital recording opens up a whole new world of possibilities that you could only dream of before. The super fast data transfer rate enables this DVD player/recorder to play and record at the same time so you can record a live program while watching anything that was previously recorded on the same disc. With Time Slip Playback you can even view a program while you're still recording it (beginning at any point that was already recorded). You don't have to wait for the end of your show, to be able to watch it from the beginning. Recording quality is maximized by circuitry like input TBC which is a built-in time base corrector that delivers highly stable, natural images. The 3D Y/C Separation Circuitry minimizes an effect known as "dot crawl" as well as helping eliminate color smearing. Digital noise reduction technologies in this component work overtime to eliminate unwanted noise components from your signals.

A New Way of Encoding/Decoding

Panasonic cleverly combined two encoding technologies, Real time VBR (Variable Bit Rate) and Visibility Modulation Technology, to provide MPEG2 recording with superb picture quality. Real Time VBR adjusts the bit rate according to video signal complexity, in order to optimize the compression ratio. At the same time, Visibility Modulation Technology reduces compression in the most noticeable areas of each signal while it filters out unimportant data to raise compression in other areas. This technology helps assure incredible picture quality in any of the recording modes you have available to you, including EP mode for the most recording time, LP & SP (higher quality, less available time), XP (highest quality, least time) or FR (Flexible Recording) that selects the highest quality that will fit in the remaining space on the disc you're recording to.

A New Way to Navigate

The more you record, the more you will appreciate Direct Navigator for quickly and easily finding a particular selection. A list of recording dates, times, channels and titles (that you enter) is displayed on your screen. When you move the cursor to any particular recording, it is played in the background. When you select a program, playback begins immediately. It's easy to input titles delete recordings, or protect them, and you can handle up to 99 programs at once! With Rapid Random Access there is no more shuffling back and forth to find the beginning of a recording. Jump directly to any spot on a disc and begin playback or recording right away. Even if there is no sequential area of empty space available, this video recorder can locate and record on available space throughout the rest of the disc. No more wasted time finding a place to start recording, or accidentally recording over something important. The Playlist function lets you perform simple nonlinear video editing like rearranging the order of scenes, skipping over unwanted scenes, copying selections and creating custom playlists.

A New Way to Record & Save

Since this recorder is DVD-RAM compatible, you can record up to 12 hours of video on a 2-sided 9.4GB DVD-RAM disc. These discs can be played in a computer's DVD-RAM drive or in one of a number of DVD-RAM compatible DVD players. DVD-RAM represents an ideal medium for long term storage of your video images since it preserves quality over time, permits overwriting if you desire, and a DVD-RAM disc takes up about one third the space of a VHS tape. The value of the DVD-RAM format is recognized by a host of hardware and media manufacturers who support this format largely because it forms such a nice bridge between A/V and personal computing applications. You can reformat any DVD-RAM disc for use in this recorder, and with the right software you can edit your recording on your PC. Just imagine all you could do with this recorder, a few DVD-RAM discs, and a dash of creativity.

Included With Purchase

Remote control (with batteries), A/V cable, 75 ohm RF cable, AC power supply cord.


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