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Onkyo DVCP701

Direct Digital Path

Part of the Onkyo advantage is the direct digital path which routes the digital information of a DVD or CD directly from the digital processor to the digital output(s) through a specially designed, shielded cable. Not only is this the shortest distance between two points, but the digital audio signal now bypasses most of the internal, noise generating circuits. The use of the heavily shielded cable, combined with the short direct path, assure that the digital audio information makes it to the receiver or processor with all of its character and dynamic qualities intact. You can now enjoy the best sound possible because the signals stay pure and clean.

Component Video Output

Digital video recording and playback of DVDs involves separating the detail and color picture information, to maintain accurate color reproduction. Component Video Outputs transmit this data to the monitor in this pure, original form, more accurately than any composite or S-Video process. You can now enjoy pictures free of the usual "artifacts" including dot crawl (the jagged line of dots that appear at the edges where two colors meet) and moire (a wavelike or watery look). The end result is video free of annoying video noise and other side effects that can detract from your entertainment experience.

Progressive Scan Video Output

Most DVDs are "progressive", meaning they produce video in complete frames. But to be compatible with all TVs, the DVD signal must be interlaced, which is a method where the picture is split into two fields and then blurred together to look like one. Progressive scan, however, retrieves the original progressive signal, and on such compatible displays as HDTV, digital TV and high-end projectors, "paints" all the visible lines on the screen in a single pass (rather than two). Thanks to progressive scan video output you don't have to put up with annoying motion artifacts and distracting scan lines. Instead you'll enjoy an image with spectacularly clear color and details so sharp they seem as if they're etched onto the screen.

DVD Player Plus

Calling this component a DVD player is kind of selling it short. You can enjoy a variety of entertainment with this versatile player. It not only plays DVDs, it also plays video CDs, audio CDs, DVD-R's, DVD-RW's, digital picture cd's (jpeg) and CD-R/RW discs that you have burned yourself. You also have the advantage of MP3 playback with an onscreen display that will help you sift through the many MP3 tracks you can store on a single CD. So, when you get done watching your favorite movie on DVD, you can listen to your favorite compilation of tunes as you pick up the pieces of popcorn that fell between the couch cushions. With the random CD playback and play/exchange capabilities you can realize all the benefits of 6-disc convenience when playing back your favorite music. You will also be able to show off your pictures you have taken with the JPEG picture cd feature that will allow you to play digital picture cd's on your TV through the DVCP701.

Included With Purchase

A/V cable (composite video & L/R audio), S-video cable, RI cable, remote control, 2 AA batteries (for remote), Instruction manual.


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