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Kenwood DV6050

DVD Audio

This player allows you to play the exciting new DVD Audio format. DVD Audio is an advanced format that offers significant improvements over CDs in both audio performance and flexibility. A DVD Audio disc can contain a 2-channel music program recorded with 24-bit resolution at 192 kHz sampling, which is substantially better performance than the conventional CD standard of 16-bit/44kHz. Alternately, a DVD Audio disc could contain multi-channel music (up to 5.1 channels) at the conventional CD standard, providing a true surround sound music experience. Additional features can include video graphics, interactive menus, text, and in some cases, full-motion video.

Getting The Best Sights And Sounds

The progressive scan deinterlacer on this DVD changer converts standard interlaced NTSC video to a progressive scan signal, using proprietary 10-bit motion-adaptive algorithms. This eliminates jagged edges on moving video images, producing a more film-like picture with standard NTSC DVDs. The digital filter is a circuit that removes unwanted digital artifacts from the signal while it is still in the digital domain, allowing the use of more gently-sloped, better-sounding analog filters. Precision Digital Timing includes a high-precision master clock circuit that is isolated from signal-processing circuits to eliminate interference. This ensures that digital information is processed at exactly the same rate as it was recorded, eliminating jitter, which consists of time-based errors that make music sound harsh. All those big words boil down to a simple equation: advanced circuits and the latest technology add up to superior sound and more vibrant video.

Time for a Change

Why buy just a DVD player when you can have a machine that does so much more? This DVD player not only plays DVD audio as well as video, it also plays your favorite CDs and CD-R/RW discs, including those you have burned with MP3-encoded files. So, you could load a variety of different discs into your new player and listen to music as you're winding down from watching your favorite action movie. The player holds a total of five discs and with the play exchange feature, you can change up to four discs without interrupting the one that you are currently enjoying.

Extra Features

A 192 kHz/24-bit Audio DAC (digital to analog converter) provides high quality sound from any and all of your many listening options. A digital audio signal can be sent to your receiver via the optical or coaxial digital outputs. Kenwood's 2-stage Virtual Surround provides surround sound options, even if you don't have a full set of home theater speakers. You get 32-Track programmable memory for use when playing CDs, and repeat play can be used with CDs and DVDs. With CDs, you can choose between Disc or Track repeat, and with DVDs, you can pick Title or Scene A-B play modes in addition to standard playback. Parental control is a relieving feature for many parents, as it keeps the kids away from inappropriate scenes. You can even advance DVDs frame by frame as well as in slow motion, and the Twin Focus Laser Pickup ensures this DVD changer will accurately play most any disc you throw at it (please don't literally throw your discs though).

Included With Purchase

Full-function remote control.


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