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Progressive Picture Performance

Thanks to component video outputs (separate outputs for Pr, Pb and Y), this DVD player can transmit each component of the video signal separately. Because of this superior method of video signal transfer, you are able to enjoy pictures that are free of smear and bleed. Colors are reproduced with much more depth, so you enjoy video that is more realistic than is possible with more standard methods of video transfer like composite or even S-Video. Progressive Scan output is basically a direct digital path that can produce the video output at twice the conventional speed, which allows the direct conversion of DVD's 24fps (frames per second) into progressive 60fps for display on your TV. This more direct approach avoids many of the quality disadvantages of traditional I/P conversion, so the picture you see is free of the distracting artifacts that plague other systems.

Superb Sound

JVC's 1-bit P.E.M. D.D. converter achieves fine resolution and a high signal-to-noise ratio for cleaner, clearer audio. Now refined for the higher sampling frequencies of the hot new audio formats now available, it helps to realize an extra-wide dynamic range to make the most of the amazing audio available from DVD and other discs. To really make the most of digital audio, take advantage of the built in digital audio outputs to send Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound to a compatible A/V receiver. If your current system doesn't have Dolby Digital and/or DTS decoding, but your receiver has 5.1 channel inputs (separate audio inputs for each of the six speakers in a 5.1 channel system) then you're still set for surround sound thanks to the built-in decoders and 5.1 channel audio output of this DVD player. If you haven't yet assembled a full surround sound speaker setup, you can use JVC's 3D-PHONIC virtual surround sound and enjoy 3-dimensional theater sound from just two front speakers.

A Few Advantages of a Better Chip

The hard working graphics chip at the heart of this component provides a number of impressive functions. For one, it incorporates the JVC exclusive VFP (Video Fine Processor). This gives you the ability to control the quality of the image to according to your personal preference. It's even possible to recreate the feel of a movie projected from film. All processing takes place in the digital domain, so there is no chance for the signal to degrade. "User 1" and "User 2" VFP modes allow you to adjust seven different parameters to get the picture just the way you like it, and then save your preferred settings for instant recall later. Two VFP modes are preset at the factory and easy to access anytime you choose. "Normal" is designed for watching TV in a fairly well lit room. "Cinema" is great for viewing a movie in room with the lights down low. All your interaction with your DVD player is simplified by the high resolution G.U.I. (Graphic User Interface). Again thanks to the high speed graphics chip, resolution is high, so images and letters are smooth and easier to see. The new versatile graphic chip also offers variable zoom ratios with 13 steps ranging from 1/8x to 1024x. Magnified images are smooth and fine thanks to the digital smoothing function. When the zoom function is recalled, an inset screen is displayed at the top left corner of the screen to indicate the relative location of the zoomed area and the zoom ratio.

Location and Automation

The Digest function shows the first scene from each of nine titles or chapters on the disc in a 3-by-3 frame grid on the screen. Choose the desired title or chapter by moving the cursor to the appropriate scene and pressing the enter key. The Strobe function shows a series of consecutive stills in the 3-by-3 frame grid. You can vary the search speed to zip through scenes, or go very slowly to locate a specific shot. The Angle List function displays views from up to nine different camera angles to let you choose one. AV COMPU LINK is a convenient feature that makes it possible to create a fully automated interactive entertainment system by linking select JVC components. Just put a tape in the VCR, slide a DVD into the player, or select a CD, and AV COMPU LINK turns on your system and switches everything to the right inputs. All you need to do is grab the snacks and find a good seat. The included universal remote comes preset with control codes for a multitude of components from a number of different manufacturers and has glow keys, so you can stay in control even if you're sitting in the dark with a mix and match entertainment system.

More Entertainment per Inch

This multitalented DVD player not only provides excellent DVD Video, DVD Audio and audio CD playback, it is also capable of playing your CD-R or CD-RW discs, even those recorded in MP3 format, so you can enjoy hour upon hour of your own custom compilations. It can also display JPEGs you have stored on CD-R/RW discs. In addition it can play DVD-R, Video CD and Super VCD discs. A full compliment of outputs assures you easy integration into any system. Even better, all this entertainment is neatly contained in one very slim and sleek component that will slide quite nicely into any standard component stack.

Included With Purchase

A/V cable, Component video cable, 2 Audio cables (L/R), Remote Control, AV Compulink cable, 2 AA batteries (for remote), AC power cord.


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