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Samsung SIRT351

The Detail of Digital Television

Digital television (DTV) is a new way of transmitting high quality video and audio to your TV set. Using DTV, broadcasters can transmit high definition images, Dolby Digital surround audio, and new services such as multicasting (transmitting more than one program on the same TV channel) and datacasting (transmitting electronic program guides and interactive television). Several of these services can be combined into a single digital broadcast. DTV programs are transmitted in two different formats. The first is Standard Definition Television (SDTV) and the second is High Definition Television (HDTV). SDTV program formats include 480-line interlaced (480i) and 480-line progressive (480p) video. 480i programs are essentially a digital version of our current analog TV programs, while the 480p format offers improved image detail over 480i. HDTV program formats include 1080-line interlaced (1080i) and 720-line progressive (720p). Both HDTV formats are always broadcast in widescreen, and both offer much higher picture quality than SDTV. Don't sweat the details, this receiver is compatible with all 18 approved broadcast formats so you'll be ready for whatever digital broadcasts come your way.

An Ideal Addition for a Sophisticated System

This DTV tuner from Samsung offers great flexibility for delivering free over-the-air digital TV signals (where available) to just about any DTV monitor or high performance TV (maybe even your computer monitor). Employing Samsung's latest design, this set-top box easily tunes and decodes all 18 ATSC Table 3 broadcast format standards. If you're concerned about connectivity and compatibility, not to worry. Samsung solves output worries with a wide range of output options including 1080i, 720p or 480p/i DTV formats, and connection options including Component (1), Composite (1), Audio-Rt/Lt, Dolby Digital, Coaxial and Optical. Attractive styling and affordable pricing make the Samsung SIRT351 a perfect solution for today's many DTV format choices.

Stay In Control

As advanced as this unit is, it's still very simple to operate. The onscreen menu system is easy to understand and operate, giving you control over all the important functions of this versatile component including a Rating Control system that parents can certainly appreciate. The included remote control operates all the important functions of your HDTV Tuner as well as most TVs, VCRs and DVD players.

Included With Purchase

Remote control, 2 AA batteries, AV cable, RF cable, RJ11 telephone cable.


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