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Sony DSCP8

A Range of Resolutions

The 3.2 Megapixel Super HAD (Hole Accumulation Diode) CCD in this digital camera was developed by Sony to provide you with excellent images shot after shot. It accomplishes this by allowing more light to enter the imager, increasing sensitivity and reducing noise. As a result, you enjoy higher resolution images. The quality of 3.2 Megapixels is hard to distinguish from traditional 35mm prints. This camera provides you with several options as far as resolution goes. You can take advantage of the the camera's resolution with a 3MP image, which delivers 2048 x 1536 resolution. From there, you have a full range, on down to a VGA image of 640 x 480, which is ideal for sending over the Internet to friends and family. So, whether you want to produce photo quality prints, or small images to put on a family website, this camera has you covered.

Framing And Focus

To help you frame your shot and get better digital pictures without extra effort, this camera features a Sony lens with 3x Optical Zoom and 0 - 3.2x Smart Zoom. Smart Zoom intelligently uses the full CCD to let you zoom into the portion of interest by cropping the image size, thus avoiding the image degradation of digital zooms. Accurate focusing is essential, and Sony makes sharp focusing a snap with their 3-area multi-point auto focus system. This highly accurate focusing system rapidly scans the scene for maximum contrast and detail. Five manual focus presets allow you creative control over focusing and you can easily check your focus and other picture elements on the convenient LCD monitor. For low light conditions, the AF illuminator briefly illuminates the scene to insure an accurate focus lock.

Memory Stick Media

Memory Sticks are small, compact, removable digital media storage devices used to store all types of digital data, still images or audio. With Memory Stick PRO now tested to support up to 1GB of information, Memory Stick is an ideal media for storage and transfer of your digital images and MPEG movies. With Memory Stick media the possibilities are practically endless. Sony has accessories available that allow you to use your memory stick in a floppy disc adapter, PCMCIA card adapter, USB Reader or even a CyberFrame digital picture display frame. Your new digital camera comes with a 16MB Memory Stick to get you started using this great digital media system.

Motion, Mail, Movies And More

Clip motion is an animation function that captures up to ten frames and creates GIF animation. It plays back those images in succession at a rate of approximately one every half second. Images are stored in GIF format, making them convenient for creating home pages or attaching to e-mails. The DSCP8 will also let you capture moving images (complete with audio) with MPEG-VX and Mail Modes modes. When the Voice Memo mode is selected, just press and release the shutter button to record 5 seconds of audio along with your picture. If you hold down the shutter button, sound is recorded until you release the shutter button. A video output allows image playback on a TV monitor. This camera will even output its signal in NTSC and PAL formats for added convenience, a real benefit when you want to view your pictures while traveling the globe.

Never Leave The Scene

Thhe DSCP8 has many automated settings that will help you capture that beautiful scene before your eyes. With 7 Scene Modes, camera parameters can be matched to the shooting conditions. Twilight, Twilight Portrait, Landscape, Snow, Beach, Fast Shutter and Fireworks presets make great shots easy. Available for capture and playback, the Live Histogram Displays the number of pixels at each luminosity, making it easy to evaluate correct exposure. Playback zoom, trim and resize is also a handy feature. During playback, you can magnify any portion of the image up to 5x and trim to the area of your interest. Then, save the new image as a new file in any of the image sizes available from the menu.

Included With Purchase

InfoLithium battery, AC adapter/in-camera charger, A/V and USB cables, wrist strap, 16MB Memory Stick media, CD-ROM with Pixela ImageMixer for Sony v1.5, USB driver.


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