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Sony DSCF717
Pro Power with Point-and-Shoot Convenience

Sony's DSCF717 Pro Cyber-shot digital camera combines point-and-shoot convenience with a host of manual photographic controls, sure to inspire the creative genius in you. Equipped with high quality Carl Zeiss optics, ISO sensitivities of 100/200/400/800 and shutter speeds of up to 1/2000 second in auto mode, stellar results are within easy reach, even in the most demanding of shooting situations. The DSCF717 also has an impressively fast start time (just over 1 second to power up the camera) as well as remarkably rapid capture and processing times, so you can get the shots you want without having to wait for your camera (and possibly miss a once in a lifetime photo opportunity).

Major Functionality

Sony has opened a whole new world of functionality with the DSCF717's new features and controls. Its new five-area multi-point focusing system enables you to focus on the left, center, right, up or down area of your framed shot, providing more accuracy, especially when the subject of your picture is not in the center of the frame. This Pro Cyber-shot digital camera also has a live Histogram Display, accessible in both capture and playback modes, helping to ensure more accurate exposure. Additionally, you have a Multi-burst mode that can snap up to 16 frames in rapid succession at 320 x 240 resolution that adds up to a single 1280 x 960 image; perfect for capturing every detail of subjects in motion, like a golf swing, a race, tennis match, and so on. Sony's DSCF717 can capture the moment in variety of still image formats including JPEG and TIFF. It also has MPEG-HQX video recording capability with full frame playback, up to the limit of the memory card. Sony even includes a 32MB Memory Stick card to get you started shooting with your new Cyber-shot.

Organized for Easy Access

For better organization and easier access to your image files, the DSCF717 has a file folder option that allows you to create and select specific folders for customized photo indexing. Sony also gives you an excellent alternative to the standard toggle switch zoom control with the addition of a rotating zoom-control ring, which provides you with a very precise and intuitive approach to zooming in on the action.

Resplendent Resolution and Outstanding Optics

The major performance indicators for a digital camera are its optics and its CCD, the circuit responsible for capturing the image. Sony's 5 megapixel CCD image sensor (5.2 MP gross) provides the DSCF717 with a maximum image size of 2560 x 1920, ensuring high-quality results with clear, vibrant, true-to-life color. To enable you to capture those high resolution images of subjects both near and far, this Cyber-shot has a pivoting Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar 5x optical zoom lens with F2.0 aperture, which gives it outstanding light gathering capability. To assist you in composing your masterpieces, you have the option of using the eye-level, through-the-lens electronic viewfinder, or the convenient and easy to see 1.8" LCD screen. Anyway you look at it, the DSCF717 is set up for taking super shots.

Let's Be Perfectly Clear

Many a potentially fantastic picture has ended up being a dissapointment because of something as simple as focusing. An image that's even slightly out of focus is just not pleasing to the eye, no matter how high the resolution is. A good auto focusing system can be a huge help, but many AF systems have limitations that can be a source of frustration rather than an assistance. For the typical AF system to work effectively, there has to be a fair amount of contrast in the scene. An average auto focus system just can't handle low contrast situations. Say you want to take a picture of a smooth beach on a moonless night or perhaps a row of cool looking icicles on an overcast winter's eve. A typical auto focus camera will just whine and whir, desperately trying to find something to focus on. Some cameras will allow you to focus manually, but that's not always the best solution either. With the DSCF717 you do have the option of manual focus, but Sony doesn't stop there. They raise the bar a few notches with their exclusive Hologram AF mode that projects a safe, visible laser hologram pattern onto your subject so the camera is able to detect the contrast between the edge of the pattern and the subject itself. Hologram AF is one more example of the extra steps Sony takes to help you take really great pictures in real world situations.

Light Up the Night

Taking pictures in low light or even no light is a snap with Sony's NightShot feature. With the flip of a switch, you can activate the infrared NightShot mode, which also turns off the flash, and capture an infrared picture even with no visible light. With NightShot you can take pictures or MPEG movies of sleeping children and nocturnal wildlife without disturbing the scene and losing the moment. NightFraming is another exclusive Sony feature that helps you compose pictures in dimly lit scenes. It integrates Sony's NightShot technology, Hologram AF laser focusing system and TTL pre-flash metering. The seamless integration of these three systems enables you to attain accurate focus and flash exposure for consistently excellent flash shots. The next time you want to take pictures of someone blowing out birthday candles in a dark room or want to catch a friend on stage at karaoke night, you'll appreciate the power of Sony's NightFraming.

Perfectly Exposed

In addition to spot metering and center-weighted averaging, the DSCF717 also offers multi-pattern metering that enables you to get accurate auto exposure in uneven lighting. Auto exposure systems that rely solely on spot metering, which looks only at one specific area of the frame (usually the center) have a problem with scenes that have both bright and dark areas. Center-weighted averaging does a bit better with uneven lighting since it goes for an average based on the assumption that your subject is in the center of the frame. But, what if you don't want the subject in the center. Pictures often have greater impact if the subject is off center. For example, say you want to snap a shot of someone sitting in the shade of a big oak tree overlooking a bright, sunny meadow. Many cameras will make you switch to manual control, or settle for a picture that has seriously over or under exposed areas. Maybe the sky is perfectly exposed while your subject becomes a silhouette or gets lost in the shadows. Multi-pattern metering overcomes these obstacles by dividing the scene into a matrix of separate cells. Each cell can be metered independently to accurately calculate the best exposure even when highlights and shadows exist outside the center of the scene. Sony's advanced pre-flash metering system gives you the best flash shots by measuring the light as it passes through the lens to calculate correct exposure. At the time of exposure, the flash fires twice: once to illuminate the subject and calculate the correct exposure, then a second time to record the image with the best possible exposure.

Included with Your Cyber-shot

NP-FM50 InfoLithium Battery, AC-L10 AC Adapter/In-camera Charger, A/V and USB cables, Lens Cap w/strap, Shoulder Strap, 32MB Memory Stick Media, Software CD-ROM.


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