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Olympus C5050 Zoom

Designed to Perform

Whether you want a compact, easy-to-use camera that you can take anywhere, or a sophisticated photographer's tool with enough features and control to take award-winning photos, you'll find it when you buy this camera. It's everything you need to take the pictures you want, the way you want to take them. An Olympus super bright f1.8 aspherical glass 3x zoom lens combines with a 5 megapixel CCD to give you outstanding edge-to-edge detail, clarity and color. And a 3.4x digital zoom gives you the flexibility of a 10x total seamless zoom, for extra power when you need it. A compact, durable, all-magnesium body with logically placed controls makes for fast and easy camera operation. You can adjust the multi-position LCD 20-degrees down or 90-degrees up to accurately frame subjects from high or low camera angles. Instead of having to look through the traditional viewfinder from uncomfortable positions, the LCD lets you capture usually difficult-to-get overhead and/or waist-level images more easily.

The Storage Story

A photographer needs to be flexible. That's why this camera features triple media compatibility. You get a 32MB xD-Picture Card with the package, but you can also use SmartMedia, CompactFlash Type I and II and IBM Microdrive removable media. The Auto-Connect USB connects to nearly any USB computer. No software, no hassle. It's also compatible with both Windows XP and Mac OS X. The Olympus xD-Picture Card is compact for smaller and more stylish digital devices. It's powerful for amazing memory capacity now, and increased memory capacity in the future. It's also durable, making it a media you can trust with your most valuable data. If you're using non-xD devices, you'll be happy to know that a number of adapters will be available, including a CompactFlash Adapter, SmartMedia USB Reader/Writer, and a PCMCIA/PC Card Adapter. Olympus xD-Picture Cards are also the only cards that support the Panorama function found on most Olympus digital cameras.

Image Processing

This camera has technology that will help you get outstanding images. Optimum Image Enlargement allows the camera to scale up the image while it is still RAW data in the camera. This process creates a high resolution image through advanced interpolation using the maximum optical spatial resolution of the CCD. The biggest advantage is in printing the photograph, giving the user a larger smoother print. The Olympus TruePic technology is a process that uses all the pixels captured by the CCD at all resolutions to create an image. The technology also smoothes the image to make it clearer, most apparent when lower pixel resolution images are captured by the camera. You also get technology that helps with moving images with the Extended Movie Function. Whereas conventional methods stop movie recording when the memory buffer is full, this camera provides improved buffer efficiency so the buffer never fills up and information continues to be transferred to the storage media. This enables broad motion streaming to larger capacity memory cards.

Improving Your Image

Enhanced Color Gamma technology differs from conventional gamma processing in that once light information is captured by the CCD, the color signals and luminance signals are separated inside the camera before the information is processed. This separation allows each to be gamma processed on its own without any interference from the other. The result is improved color gradation and the reproduction of natural colors not influenced by brightness, meaning closer in color quality to the original subject as perceived by human eyes. The Advanced Noise Filter separates noise elements from edges to reproduce clear and sharp images. For example, it analyzes "point information" composed of one or a small amount of pixels to learn whether it is pixel noise or an object boundary based on the relationship with peripheral pixel information. Filter processing is meant to reduce noise and emphasize edges, yet many times the edges are reduced when trying to reduce noise and noise emphasized when trying to accentuate edges. By separating the two, this camera's Advanced Noise Filter is able to successfully reduce the noise, resulting in images of outstanding quality.

Balancing Act

When shooting in mixed lighting, iESPII white balance detects the differences in color temperature between the various light sources and adjusts appropriately to capture more natural colors such as skin tones and shades of green. Nine pre-set white balance settings (4 indoor and 5 outdoor) let the user get a more precise white balance under various light sources. When the most accurate color and white balance is required, the camera offers a simple-to-use touch manual white balance to set the camera, even in the most difficult lighting conditions. A Histogram feature displays the light information received by the CCD in graphic form with gray scale distribution from highlight to shadow. From this, the user can judge whether the image has a well-balanced gray scale representation, and view whether the proper exposure is present before or after pressing the shutter button.

Included With Purchase

32MB xD-Picture Card removable media, digital camera Win/Mac USB cable, video cable, RM-1 remote control, (4) AA NiMH batteries and charger, carrying strap, lens cap/retainer cord, (1) CD-ROM with CAMEDIA Master 4.0 software, camera reference manual, Windows 98 Rev 2 driver.


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