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Nikon Coolpix 5700 Features

The Sum Of Its Parts

In order to ensure superb image quality, Nikon has incorporated a 2/3-inch type CCD, which combines with the 8.9-71.2mm Zoom-Nikkor lens to deliver super-sharp, 5.0-megapixel images reproducible at up to 2,560 x 1,920 pixels. One advantage of such high resolution is that you can make impressive poster size enlargements of your photographic masterpieces. Nikon's research and analysis have resulted in a processing algorithm that ensures superior color reproduction and white balance. This allows the camera to capture a broader tonal range as well as highly subtle nuances. For optimal exposures in even the most difficult lighting conditions, this digital camera incorporates 256-segment Matrix Metering, along with Center-Weighted and Spot Metering modes for enhanced quality and increased control over the end result. In Spot AF Area Metering, the metering automatically targets your selected focus area as the area of optimal exposure. One look at the images you capture, and you will immediately recognize the benefits of Nikon's advanced technology.

In The RAW

This Coolpix digital camera is the first to offer RAW image data recording mode, a feature commonly found in professional digital SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) cameras. For added convenience RAW images can be viewed on the camera's LCD monitor. This RAW mode is very valuable to photographers who may not have time to make detailed camera settings prior to shooting, and must adjust images after they have been captured. By using the optional Nikon Capture 3 software application, you can adjust the exposure and white balance of RAW image data (NEF format) on a personal computer before the image is completed and ready for printing or displaying. Such flexibility allows you to correct for unusual lighting, under- or overexposure and other factors. You can't do anything like that with a film camera, or most digital cameras for that matter. When image is everything, trust your images to Nikon.

Exposure and White Balance

This camera offers four exposure modes: Programmed Auto [P] with Flexible Program, Shutter-Priority Auto [S], Aperture-Priority Auto [A] and Manual [M], covering a wide range of creative control requirements. Capturing quality images is primarily a matter of controlling light which is done in part by controlling size of the aperture, or opening that light passes through. Extremely accurate aperture value control is enabled by a seven-blade precision-rounded iris diaphragm. You can shift the exposure value manually from -2 to +2 in 1/3 EV steps with Exposure Compensation, or select Auto Exposure Bracketing and your camera will take several shots at slightly different exposures. This gives you a better shot at getting the look you're after. This talented digital camera also incorporates Nikon's Matrix Auto White Balance system with five Manual Settings (Fine/Incandescent/Fluorescent/Cloudy/Speedlight) that give you precise creative control over the light values in your scenes. The preset white balance mode measures, analyzes and memorizes white balance values from any available neutral reference like a piece of white paper. You also have White Balance Bracketing, which automatically captures the same scene at three different settings (reddish, selected value, bluish) with a single release of the shutter, giving you more creative freedom during editing. This feature is ideal for more difficult conditions, such as scenes with mixed light sources.

Hooking Up and Charging Up

Connect your camera to a computer via the USB 1.1 interface and it shows up on your screen as another hard disk, which makes for fast and easy image transfers. Nikon View 5 (for Windows and Macintosh) launches automatically when the camera is connected to a computer with the USB cable. Nikon View 5 can also be used to confirm RAW images, available for the first time in a Coolpix camera. For total control, get the optional Nikon Capture 3, the post-production imaging tool that's a key element to any digital imaging workflow. This camera comes with the rechargeable Li-ion battery which, when fully charged, enables approximately 90 min. of continuous operation. The optional battery pack for this camera (MB-E5700) uses six 1.5V LR6 (AA-size alkaline) batteries for extended battery life, and features its own shutter release button, making it particularly well-suited for vertical shooting.

Staying Focused On Great Photos

This very cool Coolpix digital camera also offers unparalleled focusing precision in the form of Five-Area Multi Autofocus. The thumb-operable Multi Selector lets you select any of five focus areas in the frame for your primary subject, making composition easier and more flexible. Precise determination of the focus point is enabled by a 64-step Manual focus with convenient LCD monitor focus confirmation indication. Macro capability is one of the most popular features on Coolpix cameras. With this model, macro photography up to 1.2 inches from your subject is possible, and you can get as near as 19.7 inches in the 280mm equivalent telephoto range, with superb image quality and reproduction of minute details. The Best Shot Selector (BSS) automatically selects the "sharpest" image from a series of consecutive shots. This feature proves to be most valuable during macro and telephoto shooting. BSS is also available when shooting in RAW mode.

Included With Purchase

Lens cap, camera strap, A/V cable, Nikon Starter memory card, USB cable, rechargeable Li-ion battery, battery charger, NikonView 5 CD-ROM.

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