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Nikon Coolpix 4300

Shoot, Send, Share and Save

With this digital camera, images are not only easy to capture, they're easy to share and save, too. Shooting is made easy by Nikon's solid auto focus and auto exposure systems. All you do is compose the picture and shoot. With one touch, you can upload your photos to your computer, NikonNet or the web. From there, it's incredibly simple to share your memorable moments quickly and easily, via print, e-mail, the web or NikonNet. One-Touch Upload lets you easily save and organize your photos on your desktop or online at NikonNet. There is even a Small Picture function that creates the ideal image size for effortless e-mailing. It' s really hard to imagine it being any easier. There's nothing to be afraid of here. Using a Coolpix camera is not the least bit intimidating, but easy and enjoyable whether you're shooting, sharing or saving your photos.

A Mode For Every Mood

The Coolpix 4300 features 12 specially programmed modes to automatically handle focus, exposure, white balance and other adjustments that help you take great pictures at the press of a button. You'll enjoy snapping off great looking portraits, landscapes, close ups, fireworks, sunsets and more in almost any lighting condition. You'll also appreciate getting the right exposure in scenes that are backlit, when you're at a museum that doesn't allow flash, or perhaps at the beach or in snow where underexposure is a common problem. No matter what tough exposure problem you're faced with, great looking pictures are practically guaranteed.

Shedding Some Light On The Subject

The built-in speedlight offers several options for lighting your subject. There's auto flash, where the camera decides when flash is needed and when it's not necessary. You can select red-eye reduction by pre-flash, which uses a burst of light before the actual shot to reduce the pupil size of your subject. Red eye is caused by light reflecting off the back of the subject's eye. Reducing the pupil size prevents this from happening, so red eye is effectively eliminated. Anytime Flash can be used when you want to make sure the flash fires on every shot. Slow Sync is available for situations that require a slower shutter speed and some flash to properly illuminate the scene. You can also cancel the flash on any shot you want. Whatever the situation, this camera knows how and when to add a little light to your life.

And Another Thing...

In addition to the shooting modes, One-Touch Upload and the speedlight, you get a load of other features to help make the most of your photo opportunities. A 4.0 effective Megapixel CCD makes for bright, crisp images. The 3x optical zoom brings you in tight on your subject and is especially handy when you want to close in on your subject, but you can't physically get any closer. You can take great candid shots because you can remain distant and inconspicuous. Zoo pictures are dynamic images of the animal kingdom, instead of empty looking pens and unidentifiable mounds of hair. A 4x digital zoom lets you close in even closer on the details. With Nikon's zoom lens working for you, you don't have to say things like "well you can't really see it...". Your pictures will speak for themselves. Hooking up to your computer is easily accomplished through the plug & play USB interface. If you forget to turn your camera off when you're done using it, you can rely on the auto off mode to come to the rescue and save your remaining battery power.

Included With Purchase

Lens Cap, Wrist Strap, Video Cable, Nikon Coolpix starter memory card, USB cable, rechargeable Li-ion battery (EN-EL1), battery charger (MH-53), NikonView Ver .5 CD-ROM, Manual.



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