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Canon XL1S

A Digital Camcorder for All Seasons

The lens included with this amazing camcorder can take you from super wide-angle to in-your-face telephoto, but should you need more, lenses are easily interchangeable with other XL lenses or even Canon EOS lenses. Besides interchangeable lenses, you also have the ability to quickly and easily switch viewfinders to tailor your camcorder for optimal performance in any shooting situation. Incorporating high precision optics, full manual control and features previously found only on top-end professional gear, Canon continues to set the standards for digital camcorders.

3 CCD with Pixel Shift Technology

The XL1S maximizes the capability of the Mini DV format by using a 3 CCD system with a separate CCD for each primary color (red, green, blue). A beam-splitting prism precisely separates the light passing through the lens into individual color components, and each is sent to its own CCD. This process achieves outstanding detail with highly accurate color reproduction suitable for the demands of the high-end production field including wide dynamic range, low color noise, natural color resolution and low aliasing.

Perfect Exposures from Low Light to Too Bright

Canon solves common shooting dilemmas with a larger pixel size and the process of Pixel Shift. With the advanced Pixel Shift on this camcorder the video signal is comparable to that produced by a 410,000 pixel CCD system in terms of resolution. Under extremely bright conditions, the Pixel Shift capabilities greatly reduce vertical white streaks and smears, making it great for recording in the field under any conditions. An even larger pixel size (150 percent larger than pixel size on comparable camcorders) results in an approximate 4dB improvement in sensitivity. This vastly enhances the low light performance since each pixel is capable of gathering more light. Even in super low light, the XL1S captures crisp and clear video (or still images).

Different Modes for Different Moods

Choose from three shooting modes; Normal Movie, Digital Photo Mode and the cinema-like Frame Movie Mode (popular among filmmakers). With Normal Video Mode, video is captured using interlaced frames. In Frame Movie Mode video is captured in a non-interlaced form at the rate of 30 frames per second. This delivers spectacular clarity, perfect if you need to grab high-quality images from videos for making prints, adding website content or sending images over the Internet. This non-interlaced method was popularized by Canon and has gained widespread endorsement from movie makers for its cinematic-like appearance. In Digital Photo Mode you can capture more than 700 extremely high-resolution still images on a single 80 minute tape (in SP mode). Still images are recorded for approximately 6 seconds, as well as audio for music narration or verbal meta data. You also have the option of both the standard 4:3 aspect ratio and the 16:9 wide screen TV aspect ratio (16:9 is the recently set world standard aspect ratio for HDTV). This aspect ratio (16:9) more accurately conforms to human peripheral vision and visual perception. Interval Recording allows for the capture of time elapsed motion videography by giving you the power to program the XL1S to record at various intervals for varying amounts of time.

Professional Power

With a plethora of pro level enhancements, the XL1S helps you avoid common shooting errors and makes capturing high-quality footage trouble free. Some of these enhancements like SMPTE Color Bars and Zebra Level commonly found on broadcast camcorders, and now you have access to this technology too. There are two power saving mechanisms to help save power and protect the tape transport. Normal Standby shuts the power down to the camera and VCR sections while maintaining your camera settings. Power Save will automatically switch the VCR to standby mode from the "record pause" mode after staying in any shooting mode for more than 5 minutes. This keeps the camera section live for monitoring or for setting up a shot. You can activate this mode at any time by programming this function in one of the custom keys. You have two Custom Keys available (two settings for camera mode & two for VCR mode). This allows you to create and save your own custom settings so your common shooting modes can be readily duplicated.

Included With Purchase

16x XL 5.5-88mm IS Zoom Lens, BP-930 Battery Pack, CA-910 Compact Power Adapter, DC-900 DC Coupler, SS-1000 Shoulder Strap, WL-D3200 Wireless Controller, SP-1000 Shoulder Strap, S-150 S-Video Cable, STV-150 Stereo Video Cable, Videocassette and Lens Hood included.


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