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Samsung SCD23

Up Close and Personal

Sometimes you just can't physically get close enough to a subject to get the shot you want. Football games, parades, wildlife, there is no shortage of situations that call for a good zoom lens. Samsung's SCD23 digital camcorder brings you in close to the action with the help of a 10x optical zoom and 800x digital zoom. That means you can get full resolution out to 10x, and crop in even closer with the powerful 800x digital zoom that can digitally enlarge an image up to 800x. This hard working zoom lens also gives you the advantage of variable speed control that automatically senses the amount of pressure that you apply to the zoom tab and adjusts the zoom speed accordingly.

Keeping it Clear

Great video begins with a quality lens, but the quality can't stop there. There are a number of critical elements involved in producing quality audio and video and they must all work together. One of these is the device that "captures" the images that travel through the lens. The SCD23 digital camcorder uses a 680,000 pixel CCD for vibrant, detailed video images. Since it's impossible to keep perfectly still while holding a camcorder, you will appreciate the Electronic image stabilization that minimizes picture shake so watching your videos doesn't cause motion sickness. The 2.5" TFT active-matrix LCD monitor gives you a great view of what you're recording and rotates 210 degrees; a huge benefit for shooting at creative angles, or if you would like to join the scene and still monitor your recording. The bright and beautiful LCD screen also makes an excellent playback monitor for viewing your videos.

Be Still

The built-in digital still camera on the SCD23 features a photo mode that gives you the ability to save still pictures onto Memory Stick media (sold separately). Use Memory Stick to store your images or transfer them to your computer. Fast and easy image transfer can also be accomplished using the SCD23's built-in USB interface. Photo mode also features an 8 step manual shutter to give you additional creative control over your images. Another still image option exists inside the SCD23. Snap-Shot enables you to record still images with audio (up to six seconds) onto the camcorder's digital Mini DV tape. These images can also be quickly and easily transferred to your computer for editing, storing or sending.

Light It Up

With Power Nite Pix, you can record nearby scenes in total darkness using infrared rays emitted from your camcorder. Color Slow Shutter maximizes the quality of low light scenes by automatically selecting the best settings to make the most of every ray of light. Even brighter images can be achieved by applying Color Slow Shutter and Nite Pix at the same time. If you want to shed some more light on the scene, the built-in video light is a handy way to add some illumination and improve the color and contrast of dark scenes. The SCD23 also has 9 digital special effects to add creativity to your recordings. You'll have a blast experimenting with these effects: Art, Mosaic, Sepia, Nega, Mirror, B/W, Emboss, Cinema, and Make-Up.

Pack It In

The SCD23 is not only very compact, it's ease of operation also makes it very convenient. Samsung's "EZ" Dial Navigator is a big part of the operational ease, providing quick navigation of the most commonly used functions by simply rotating the intuitively positioned thumb wheel. The color on-screen display makes it easy to see all the info you need to keep track of settings, battery power and other important details. The SCD23 Mini DV digital camcorder is so easy to carry and use, you'll want to take it along everywhere you go. It's an easy fit for nearly any luggage or lifestyle.

Supplied Accessories

AC Adapter, AC Cord, Lithium-ion Battery, USB Cable, Lithim Cell (for clock), AV Cable, Shoulder Strap, Instruction Book.


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