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2.0 Megapixels and RGB Color Filter

The OPTURA Xi features a robust 1/3.4 inch 2.0 megapixel CCD. Combined with a razor-sharp, megapixel compatible lens and optical image stabilization, the camcorder creates outstanding quality video and photos. A photo is recorded on a memory card at an image size of 1632 x 1224 pixels. In addition to achieving higher resolution, the OPTURA Xi's 2.0 megapixel CCD integrates an RGB Primary Color Filter which separates light passing through the lens into individual red, green and blue color components, similar to professional camcorders. As a result, the OPTURA Xi achieves more accurate color reproduction with finer gradations than models using a conventional complementary color filter. The difference is especially noticeable, for instance, in skin tones and scenes with a dominant color such as sunsets, a ski slope or a forest.

Superior Optics

Canon's vast expertise in designing and crafting precision lenses for 35mm and broadcast TV cameras also goes into every camcorder lens they make. The OPTURA Xi's 11x optical zoom lens delivers superb definition and contrast, taking full advantage of the DV format. The 220x digital zoom (36x digital zoom with memory card) extends the camcorder's magnification revealing details too small to see with the naked eye. The bright 3.5" LCD view screen makes it easy to compose sensational shots without having to squint into the viewfinder. You can rotate the screen for high- or low-angle shots, or turn it around 180 degrees to record yourself. When you're done shooting, the screen is perfect for reviewing your scenes.

Freeze the Action, Or Let It Roll

Not only does the Optura Xi capture beautiful moving images, it captures terrific high definition photos as well. Just press the photo button to capture stunning 2.0 Megapixel (1632 x 1224) images onto the included Memory Card. They may be captured at a variety of different image qualities and compression sizes (Superfine/Fine/Normal). For added flexibility, you may take up to 700 still images on a single MiniDV tape (in SP Mode). The camcorder records the photos for approximately six seconds, as well as recording the sound for your verbal notes or narration. You can search through the recorded tape for your photos using the supplied remote control. The OPTURA Xi expands video possibilities with a built-in slot for an SD (Secure Digital) Memory Card or a MultiMediaCard, in addition to a MiniDV cassette. You can also capture small movie clips to the memory card in Motion JPEG format. Easily transfer images to your PC directly from the camcorder using USB and IEEE1394. Produce effects not possible with just a cassette using the Card Mix Effects. Choose one of the sample images provided on the supplied SD Memory Card (such as picture frames and backgrounds) and combine it with the live video recording.


While the Easy Recording mode is fine for most shooting situations, the camcorder also includes additional pre-programmed auto exposure modes (Auto, Shutter-Priority (Tv), Aperture-Priority (Av), Spotlight, Sand & Snow, Night and Super Night mode), each carefully designed to give you the best possible image results under special shooting conditions. The Tv and Av modes permit easy operation while retaining the creative image controls. In the TV mode, you can select a shutter speed from 1/8 to 1/2000 (CARD CAMERA mode: 1/2 to 1/500) and the camcorder sets a matching aperture. In the Av mode, select an aperture from f/1.6 to f/8 (CARD CAMERA mode: f/1.8 to f/8) and the camcorder automatically sets a matching shutter speed. Even when the light has faded, you can keep on shooting with the OPTURA Xi's Night and Super Night modes. The camcorder uses the Night mode to select the ideal shutter speed and sensitivity combination to brighten up the scene, without sacrificing color. In the Super Night mode, the assist lamp lights up to illuminate the subject allowing you to capture the action without turning the lights on.


DIGIC DV is a system for achieving superior video and photographic images. Canon's expertise in imaging and electronics is flawlessly blended together, resulting in outstanding performance. It offers substantial benefits in color reproduction. DIGIC DV makes it possible to achieve accurate color for both video and digital photos. Since video and photos have different color requirements, DIGIC DV utilizes two different color techniques to maximize video quality on a TV and still image quality for print or computer display. Embracing the industry's latest and most sophisticated technology, Canon camcorders feature an exclusive connection circuit, called VIC. VIC is a virtual powerhouse. Traditionally, multiple chips were needed to perform the camcorder's input and output functions. However, VIC manages it all with one single chip. The result is seamless connectivity whether you are connecting to a computer, TV or VCR.

Other Fun Features

While recording video, the OPTURA Xi is able to simultaneously capture VGA quality (640 x 480 pixels) digital photos onto a memory card. This is perfect if you want to capture e-mail ready photos, without interruption. Sometimes, the subject you want to photograph is not in the center of the frame. With Selectable Focusing Points, you can choose from one of three focusing points to automatically put the subject you want into sharp focus. This camcorder also features a continuous shooting mode, allowing you to capture a rapid succession of photos. Shoot up to 30 images at 3 frames per second in VGA (640 x 480) size. By using the StichAssist Mode, you can create magnificent panoramas. Shoot your landscape, and transfer them to your computer. Then simply select and arrange your images in the corrrect order, and the supplied PhotoStitch software does the rest, aligning, overlapping and cropping the separate images to form one ultra-wide panoramic still image. An advanced accessory shoe lets you add an accessory microphone or video light without worrying about external power sources or cables.

Getting Connected

An IEEE1394 -compliant DV terminal lets you connect the OPTURA Xi to a DV-compatible computer or another Canon DV camcorder. Transfer your digital movies to your computer's hard disk, edit your scenes, then use them to create high-impact Web sites, video e-mail, interactive CDs and DVDs, or a personal video album. With the included DV Messenger2 software, you can use your new camcorder for Internet Video Chat with Microsoft Windows Messenger through USB or IEEE1394. Control the zoom and focus of your camcorder or the person you are chatting with. Preview thumbnails and transfer photos. Watch and control the video playback of either camcorder, all from your computer. The USB terminal allows high-speed tranfer of images from your SD Memory Card or MultiMediaCard to your computer. By using the USB cable and software provided, you can process and organize your images on your PC. You also get software for image management and editing. You can easily download, browse, archive, and retouch your photos. You can also automatically resize images and attach them to e-mail, arrange them for printing, and add text.


A wide selection of options is available to add visual appeal and greater imaging variety. Faders include Fade Trigger, Wipe, Corner, Jump, Flip, Puzzle, Zigzag, Beam and Tide. Special effects consist of Art, Black & White, Sepia, Mosaic, Ball, Cube, Wave, Color Mask or Mirror. You can also create a multi-screen image, dividing your screen into four, nine or sixteen pictures with the Image Capture function. You can choose the speed at which the images are captured: Manual, Slow, Moderate or Fast.

Included With Purchase

BP-407 battery pack, compact power adapter, wireless controller, S-Video cable, stereo video cable, SD Memory Card (8MB), USB cable, digital video solution disk.


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