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Sony DCRDVD300

The DVD Advantage

Say goodbye to fast forwarding and rewinding. DVD offers many advantages over videocassette tape systems, including fast search and access to scenes by selecting thumbnail images. Sony's DCRDVD300 DVD Handycam camcorder automatically creates thumbnail images during the finalization process. These images can then be used for instant access to the screen you want and are viewable whether you use your Handycam camcorder, DVD player, or PC to play your DVD. In addition, you don't have to invest in additional media for your still images. Sony's DVD Handycam camcorders let you record video and still images all on DVD. Since the DCRDVD300 records on DVD-R and DVD-RW discs, you can enjoy your custom DVDs on most home DVD players, computers, and Playstation 2 consoles. How could it get any simpler?

High Quality Stills

The 1.0 MegaPixel Advanced HAD CCD imager of the DCRDVD300 can produce amazing high resolution still images that are great for use in your DVD productions, web use, making your own photo quality prints and many other applications that call for high resolution. You also have the option of conserving disc space by capturing still images at 640 X 480 resolution which is an ideal size for attaching to e-mails, for use as thumbnails (like in one of your custom DVD indexes), in slide shows, and so on. You can fit over 4000 pictures on one disc in 1152 x 864 resolution; or over 8000 in 640 x 480 resolution. The DCRDVD300 has lots of picture taking potential for your many picture taking possibilities.

Big Swivelscreen Captures The Scene

Proving that sometimes bigger is better, Sony's DCRDVD300 touts the largest Swivelscreen of all the DVD Handycams at an impressive 3.5 inches. This big, beautiful display provides excellent viewing clarity and improved resolution, giving you an even better grasp on the action. To give you a great view from almost any angle, this 123K pixel LCD screen also rotates up to 270 degrees. The images are so sharp and detailed that you can get a good look even from several feet away. You can actually step away from the camcorder and still monitor the recording; even get in on the action yourself. If you want to really keep a close eye on the scene, you may want to take advantage of the 113K pixel color viewfinder, which provides a sharp, color view of your video subjects.

The Beauty of Bracketing

Sony added another photo friendly feature to the DCRDVD300. When you activate AE (Auto Exposure) Bracketing, this Handycam automatically shoots three images at different exposure levels in rapid succession and then lets you decide which one looks the best. When professional photographers are serious about getting an image perfect, they "bracket" their shots to make sure they get the effect they are looking for. The DCRDVD300 DVD Handycam can think and act like a professional photographer automatically. You don't have to manually bracket your shots or try to fix them in your computer. You don't even have to think about it. Just compose and create. Sony's DCRDVD300 can handle the rest.

Take Your Best Shot

So many things happen in an instant and then are gone forever. Like your child swinging at their first baseball pitch or scoring a game winning goal. Timing is everything and it's near impossible to predict the perfect moment accurately enough to catch it and record it. Especially when your emotionally involved and charged with adrenaline. Once again, Sony has an answer. Using the DCRDVD300's Burst Mode, you can click off multiple pictures in rapid succession with a single touch of the button. At 1152 X 864 resolution you can snap up to four images consecutively and in 640 X 480 mode this DVD Handycam can capture up to 12 consecutive images. You don't have to wait until the exact moment to try to catch the right shot (and risk missing it), just go for Burst Mode and take your best shot.

The Shakedown

You may remember viewing old home movies where the picture shook so much you could hardy tell if you were filming Aunt Edna or Uncle Buck. Maybe they were difficult to distinguish anyway, but the point is, vibrations that cause the camera to shake can make your videos unpleasant to watch. With Sony's Super Steadyshot picture stabilization system, this is no longer a concern. This advanced stabilization system uses motion sensors capable of controlling a higher range of shake and vibration frequencies, to keep your videos as steady as possible, without sacrificing quality like lesser stabilization systems do. In addition, Sony chose high quality Carl Zeiss optics for the DCRDVD300. This world renowned Zeiss lens uses advanced optical multi-layer coatings to provide increased contrast with less glare and flare. This results in vivid image brilliance, true-to-life color saturation and perfect renditions of subtle tones. With a legendary lens and rock solid Super Steadyshot stabilization, you're practically guaranteed stunning video and beautiful pictures every time you pick up your DVD Handycam.

Don't Let Darkness Stop You

With Sony's Super NightShot you can capture video in total darkness from up to 10 feet away. The Super NightShot 0 Lux Recording mode automatically adjusts the shutter speed to increase picture brightness and clarity. The Color Slow Shutter mode allows you to record in low light situations with full color detail by slowing down the shutter speed to give you the best color and detail possible. If lighting up the scene won't spoil the mood of the moment, you might consider picking up an optional video light (sold separately). The Intelligent Accessory Shoe enables you to add video lights and other intelligent accessories (like external microphones) to add even more performance to your Digital Handycam system.

Supplied Accessories

Power Adapter/In Camera Charger, NP-FM50 Infolithium Battery, Remote Control, 2AA Batteries, Stereo A/V Cable, Lens Cap, Cleaning Cloth, Blank DVD-R Media, USB Cable, CD-Rom with USB Driver (Pixela ImageMixer Software Ver 1.5)


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