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Great Sound in Any Space

Based on the Pro design philosophy of Linear Spatial Reference, these speakers are optimized for exceptional performance in a variety of acoustic spaces. JBL engineers adopted the Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS) Waveguide pattern implemented in their Professional division LSR studio monitors. This precise pattern enhances the characteristics of the high-frequency driver which results in solid imaging that remains consistent throughout the entire listening field. Any seat is a good seat since the whole room is a "sweet spot".

Better Materials for Cleaner Sound

The drivers are mounted in an IsoPower Baffle made of non resonant, medium-density fiberboard. The rigid mounting provides an inertial reference for the driver so that maximum energy goes to air movement, not cabinet vibration, more accurately reproducing the original sound. Low frequency drivers are mounted in cast-frames which are thicker, stronger, and more rigid than stamped metal designs. This means that they will not react to the movement of the cone and will not color the sound with their own distortion. Since the frames are made of aluminum, they won't interrupt the magnetic fields that control the cone's movement which also helps ensure more accurate reproduction. The woofer cones use a PolyPlas polymer coating, which provides additional stiffness and damping to the felted-paper-cone body. The coating also provides a degree of moisture resistance. Studio series speakers feature tweeters in which the entire dome and patented diamond-patterned surround are formed from a single titanium sheet. These tweeters can accurately reproduce very high frequencies and continue to do so after other speakers have given in to distortion. Titanium is light enough to correctly reproduce transient content, such as cymbal crashes, yet strong enough to reduce distortion and avoid listener fatigue. Your ears will definitely appreciate the clarity and realism of these speakers. The narrower front-baffle design uses chamfered edges to reduce diffraction and ensure precise imaging. In nontechnical terms, the materials inside these speakers and the advanced design behind their arrangement, all contribute to producing clear, accurate, dynamic sound that your ears will truly enjoy.

Better Heat Dispersion

The HeatScape precision motor structure of the woofer is engineered to disperse heat away from the sensitive voice coil, preserving accurate driver performance during extended listening periods. This prolongs the life of the driver, and also improves sensitivity through increased power-handling capability. The voice coils use oversize Kapton transformers for increased efficiency and power-handling capability. The driver frames are made from high-strength, precision, nonmagnetic cast aluminum for improved sensitivity and lower energy loss. It all adds up to better sounding and longer lasting speakers for you.

Better Bass Response

The vibration of the speaker cone, which moves the air in front of it, generates the sound waves that reach your ears. The vibration of the cone also moves air behind it. The FreeFlow port technology extends bass response by taking advantage of the fact that the air inside the speaker cabinet is moving. The port opening releases the moving air from the cabinet into the room. In fact the FreeFlow port is computer-designed to precisely match the acoustic characteristics of the woofer as measured by critical parameters (Thiele-Small). The flared shape reduces port noise. Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG) is JBL's proprietary technology for achieving better bass response by using a consistent and uniform magnetic field. By controlling the shape of the magnetic field, the movement of the cone itself can be controlled avoiding unwanted influences. This reduces harmonic distortion from a level of about 2% in woofers with conventional magnets to about 1/3% in JBL woofers. Better bass response adds power to your music and more "pow" to movie soundtracks.

Straight-Line Signal Path

The drivers are purpose-designed to match each other efficiently in frequency response so that little manipulation of the audio signal is required in the crossover network. This allows the use of a minimal number of high-quality electrical components in a shorter, simpler signal path. Because the signal undergoes very little processing in the crossover network, the clarity, detail and dynamics of the original content are preserved. The further you run, the less energy you have when you arrive at your destination. Audio signals are the same way. By simplifying and shortening the signal path, JBL engineers made sure that the signals traveling through your Studio Series Mark II speakers don't lose any of their power and realism along the way.


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