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Kenwood HTB806DV Features

Plug into impressive home theater performance without breaking a sweat. With your TV and Kenwood's HTB-806DV DVD Home Theater System, you have everything you need to set up your own home theater, complete with DVD and digital surround sound. By taking advantage of the digital audio inputs and hooking up the home theater speakers included in this complete sound system, you will enjoy surround sound that realistically places you in the middle of the scene. With all the advanced decoding built-into this receiver, it's a real benefit to have Digital Signal Format Auto Detection and Auto Switching. This circuitry detects the format of an incoming digital data stream and automatically activates the proper surround decoding mode. For older movies and other two channel sources, you will appreciate Dolby Pro Logic II that creates realistic surround sound from stereo sources, even your music and stereo TV broadcasts.

Play More & Play Longer

The DVD changer included with the HTB-806DV system does everything you would expect a quality DVD player to do, and then some. In addition to DVD-Video it will also play your DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW discs, along with CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs. It even plays MP3 files burned onto a disc as well as JPEG photo CDs. Kenwood uses a 24-bit resolution, 96kHz digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and other high-end technology to provide you with impressive audio from every disc you play. With this changer in your system, you can eliminate your CD player and never miss it. Especially since this five disc changer allows you to exchange any disc that is not playing, without stopping the one that is. With four disc play exchange and various play back features, including repeat modes and 32-track programmable memory, you can mix up your entertainment if you like and keep it rolling as long as you want. It is first and foremost a DVD player, so of course it's loaded with technology to enhance video performance like progressive scan output that provides clearer, more film-like images.

Different Modes for Different Moods

Five different Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Modes create different sonic environments by simulating the acoustics of places like arenas, cathedrals and clubs to create more vivid, lifelike listening experiences for you. To maximize the performance of your analog components, you have the ability to adjust the input sensitivity. On top of that, your receiver will remember your preferences so whenever you listen to that source (e.g. your VCR) it will sound the way you want it to, automatically. Full Digital Bass Management gives you the power to set up your system so that deep bass is sent only to the speakers designed to handle it, which reduces distortion and increases dynamic range for improved performance throughout your speaker system. Since bass management is performed digitally, you enjoy greater precision and control. Cinema EQ enhances bass response for films and smoothes the blend between your front speakers and subwoofer. When you want to keep the entertainment going without disturbing others, take advantage of Midnight Mode which uses special circuitry to soften loud passages without losing dialogue and other softer sounds in the process. Since it only functions during very loud passages, you still enjoy outstanding surround sound, without disturbing anyone who might not be in a proper mood for appreciating how realistic it is.

The Advantage of High Efficiency

KAM-1 High Efficiency Amplifiers allow Kenwood to build smaller, better sounding and more reliable systems. Breakthrough technologies have resulted in a 100 percent increase in operating efficiency. For example, a special switching regulator insures that the amplifier gets just the power it needs at any given instant so much less power is wasted inside the amplifier, increasing available power at the speaker and reducing heat. The entire amplification circuit is situated on a single, one-piece heat sink. The heat is evenly distributed (no hot spots) giving the entire circuit a level thermal plane. The circuit also comes up to optimum temperature in a matter of minutes (not hours) providing for a more consistent, cleaner sound. In addition, the smaller heat sink enables higher quality in a more convenient size. Efficient power use is just one more reason that Kenwood receivers sound better and last longer.

Made for Each Other

Much like fine dining, the success of a surround sound system depends on not only having the necessary ingredients, but also in making sure they compliment each other to produce the desired flavor. The speakers in Kenwood's HTB-806DV DVD home theater system are designed to handle the power output of the receiver, and they are all matched to each other for smooth, consistent performance. The magnetically shielded left, center and right speakers feature dual woofers for added definition, while the included subwoofer utilizes an 8" woofer and built-in 150 watt amplifier to pump out big, impressive bass. With one-touch speaker connections and easy setup controls built into the receiver, you'll have your system hooked up and sounding great in no time. Once you do, you can sink into the recliner and relax, knowing that you can control everything you need to from there with your Kenwood system remote. The included Universal Pre-programmed Remote controls the receiver and DVD player, your TV, VCR, cable or satellite tuner, and select audio components.

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