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Panasonic SCHT810V Features

DVD Player/VCR/Receiver In One Unit

Here's a versatile home theater package if there ever was one. With the SCHT810V, you not only get a complete set of surround speakers, you also get a DVD player/VCR/receiver unit that offers more than its size indicates. You can keep your VHS tapes while adding DVDs to your home video collection. The combo deck features 3 separate displays for DVD, receiver, and VCR, allowing easy and accurate operation without having to switch the display back and forth. You can play DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-RAM/DVD-R, CD, CD-R/RW, Video CD, JPEG, MP3, WMA and HighMAT discs, as well as enjoying your favorite VHS tapes with the 4-head Hi-Fi stereo VCR. The VCR includes x5 Long Time Recording and x600 High Speed Tape Rewind.

Decoding Capabilities

Modern audio/video formats such as CDs, DVDs and laserdiscs often utilize Dolby Digital or DTS discrete digital multichannel surround sound formats. With these formats, each of the five main sound channels (front left, center, front right, surround right, surround left) can cover the entire frequency spectrum from 20Hz to 20kHz. A separate low frequency effects (LFE) channel is devoted to bass effects, bringing the total to six channels. This arrangement is often referred to as "5.1 channel surround sound" since the LFE channel covers just the lower end of the audible audio spectrum and is therefore technically not a full channel. This home theater audio package is equipped with a Dolby Digital decoder that lets you experience the 5.1 channel digital soundtrack encoded on a DVD or laserdisc, producing a remarkably natural sense of ambiance and dynamic realism. This system also supports DTS and Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound formats. You can enjoy thrillingly realistic surround sound from almost anything you listen to (even stereo sources) thanks to the built-in decoding this system provides.

The Best of Video and Audio

The key to the sharpest picture quality DVD-Video has to offer, progressive scanning creates a picture signal with double the scan lines of a conventional interlaced picture, 480i (the "i" stands for interlaced), to create a noticeably sharper image. The 480p ("progressive") image helps eliminate motion artifacts, so even on large screens, the progressive-scan lines are less noticeable and picture flickering is greatly reduced. This feature requires a TV capable of accepting 480p signals and with component video inputs. DVD-Audio delivers an impressive full-range, multi-channel sound field. The SCHT810V is equipped with an amplifier that can faithfully reproduce the wide frequency range, outstanding S/N ratio, and 5-channel surround sound of DVD-Audio.

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