eMachines T3256 AMD Athlon XP 3200+ / 512MB DDR / 160GB HDD / DVD±RW / CD-ROM / 10/100Mbps LAN Support / Windows XP Home

Powerhouse eMachines T3256 Desktop PC

One of the greatest PC deals we’ve ever offered! A super-fast eMachines desktop computer that’s just loaded with powerhouse components! All for an incredibly low price. eMachines has earned legendary status for delivering the best combination of economy and performance in the industry. This T3256 desktop stunner takes the cake! You will not find another computer of this caliber at this cost. Check out these absolutely astonishing features. AMD’s awesome Athlon XP 3200+ processor. 512MB of lightning quick DDR memory. A huge 160GB 7200RPM hard drive that will store a virtual universe of electronic data. A great 48x CD-ROM drive as well as a DVD±RW drive you can use to play your favorite movies, video games, and back up important data. All running on Microsoft’s splendid Windows XP Home Edition operating system for smooth, efficient performance, and multimedia options all the way.

eMachines T3256 Desktop PC

Its Beauty is More than Skin Deep!
The classy eMachines T3256 sports a great looking semi-gloss black chassis with an attractive front bezel, easy-to-remove side panels with thumb screws (you can let your screwdriver collect dust!), and rounded inside edges to prevent injury. This marvelous PC is a beauty inside and out! And at this price? Holy cow – what a great deal!
Internal Flash Media Reader! This incredibly accessible media reader provides lightning fast digital transfer for CompactFlash, MicroDrive, MemoryStick, MemoryStick Pro, SmartMedia, MultiMedia and SecureDigital cards.

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Operating Systems Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition SP1
Platform Learn More PC
Form Factor Learn More Tower
Processor Brand AMD
Processor Class Athlon XP
Processor Number 3200
Processor Speed XP 3200+ / 2.20GHz
Additional Technologies QuantiSpeed Architecture
Memory Type DDR
Total Memory 512MB
Interface IDE
Capacity 160GB
Optical Drive Type DVD+/-RW CD-ROM
Communications Description Integrated LAN Support
Data Transfer Rate 10Mbps 100Mbps
Mouse Type Standard
Buttons 3
Keyboard Type Multimedia
Front Speakers 2


QuantiSpeed Architecture
QuantiSpeed™ architecture allows the AMD Athlon™ XP processor to accomplish more work per clock cycle (IPC) when compared to other competing processors and achieve relatively high operating frequencies.
QuantiSpeed architecture is the key element that provides the AMD Athlon XP processor with a "quantum leap" in real-world application performance. Our QuantiSpeed architecture makes the AMD Athlon™ XP processor more powerful in relation to processors that simply have more megahertz because it has:
more pathways through which the computer core can receive instructions, which means the ability to do more work in a given clock cycle technology that provides more flexibility and precision in functioning, giving it the capacity to tackle the mose computation-intensive software applications specialized features that prevent the computer from stalling when data is requested and increases overall performance These elements give the AMD Athlon XP processor an optimum balance of speed and efficiency. In the end, users will enjoy an effortless computing experience. Improved IPC is a result of the following technological advances.
Nine-issue, Superscalar, Fully Pipelined Microarchitecture: Provides more pathways to feed application instructions into the execution engines of the core, allowing the processor to complete more work in a given clock cycle (high IPC). The delicate balance between the depth of the pathways and clock speed of the processor produces high levels of performance.

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Superscalar, Fully Pipelined Floating Point Unit (FPU): Completes more floating point operations per clock cycle than competitive x86 processors and permits high operating frequencies. The end result is a processor with the computing power to tackle the most computation-intensive software applications.
Hardware Data Prefetch: Prefetches data from system memory to the processor's Level 1 cache, which reduces the time it takes to feed the processor critical data, increasing work throughput and therefore overall performance.
Exclusive and Speculative Translation Look-aside Buffers (TLBs): Keep the maps to critical data close to the processor, which helps prevent the processor from stalling or waiting when future data is requested. These TLB structures are now larger, exclusive between caches, and speculative. Larger TLB's give the AMD Athlon XP processor access to additional data maps. Exclusivity removes the duplication of information, freeing up more space in the Level 2 cache for other useful data to be used by the processor. And the speculative nature of these structures allows the processor to generate future maps of critical data quickly.

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