Panasonic KXTG2000B Plug & Play Installation

Give your small business or home the convenience and productivity enhancing features of a business telephone system, without the high price tag. This phone system operates via cordless transmissions, eliminating the hassle and expense of wiring and installation. Simply hook up the base to your phone lines and plug it into an AC outlet. Then set up the included handset in the desired location and plug in the recharging stand. You can add up to seven more handsets (KX-TGA200B, sold separately) to this system, either right away or as your needs grow.

Panasonic KXTG2000B Plug & Play Installation

Digital Voice Mail & Auto Attendant

The all digital voice mail system provides you with a general delivery mailbox on the base unit, plus up to 8 personal mailboxes (one for each handset added to the system). Each user can record a personal greeting, and can access their mailbox from any system handset or an outside line. With Auto Attendant you don't have to have a receptionist in your office and it's a great way to prevent messages from being misplaced. You can set the voice mail system to automatically answer all incoming calls with a recorded greeting, and to route callers to their desired extension or mailbox. The internal circuitry of this phone system allows for four separate voice paths, so four system users can access voice mail at once. Since the base unit can be in operation at the same time, you can actually have five people using this system at the same time rather than four of them receiving an annoying busy signal instead of their voice mail. There is room for up to one hundred minutes of recording time and to help keep recording time available, messages left in a mailbox longer than thirty days are automatically deleted. You can also send messages to other mailboxes with a single operation and transfer any message in your mailbox to another mailbox after listening to it.

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FHSS Digital Operation

The base unit and each cordless handset communicate in both directions using a 2.4GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) transmission. FHSS technology improves calling range and clarity, and eliminates cross talk. Since it rapidly changes transmission frequencies within the 2.4GHz bandwidth, this cordless system also helps reduce the possibility of eavesdropping.

Dual Caller ID with Call Waiting

Dual caller ID with call waiting lets you view the name and number of all incoming callers on either the base unit or handset LCD, even if you're already on the line (subscription to caller ID services required). This caller ID feature also stores up to fifty names on the base unit (up to thirty names on each handset), with direct callback capability. With caller ID pager call, you can even program the phone to notify your pager when you've received an incoming call, and to forward caller ID data to your pager's display. In addition to the caller ID memory, there is a phone directory with room to store an alphabetical listing of up to 100 entries on the base unit and up to 50 entries on each handset. Like the numbers stored in caller ID memory, the directory numbers can be dialed automatically at the touch of a button.

Flexibility and Convenience

A number of other abilities add even more convenience and flexibility to this phone system. Like 2-way intercom/paging that allows you to call any other extension in the system from the base unit or a handset, or page the entire group from the base unit with the touch of a button. Two line operation with 3-way conferencing enables not only separate calls at the same time, but also conferencing two outside calls together with a single system handset, or two system handsets together with one outside call. With the Digital duplex speakerphone digital circuitry in the base unit helps reduce echo and dropout effects for more natural sounding conversations. A 3-line multifunction backlit LCD screen on both the base unit and handset clearly displays caller ID data without scrolling. This informative display also uses six easy to read icons that show operating status, including the phone lines in use.


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