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Adobe Systems Photoshop Elements 2.0

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 software offers the perfect combination of power and simplicity, so you can do more with your photos. From quick corrections to creative editing, you can easily achieve high-quality results. Whether you use a digital camera or scan traditional photos, Photoshop Elements makes digital imaging a breeze.

Maybe you're the official family shutterbug, recording every birthday and barbecue for posterity. Maybe you just bought a scanner and want to fix up some imperfect film photos you've converted to JPEG files. Or maybe you've got digital red-eye removal down pat and you'd like to try enhancing your photos with special effects or creating Web animations. Then you're ready for Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 software!

You can easily import photos from digital cameras, CDs, and scanners, or you can capture frames from downloaded video files. The Quick Fix Dialogue Box lets you quickly remove red eye, straighten and crop, and adjust lighting, contrast, color, and focus. Adobe PhotoMerge technology allows you to automatically blend multiple images into seamless panoramas. You can organize photos in the File Browser, where you can preview, sort, rotate, and rename images. Enhance your photos with amazingly realistic brush effects, apply frames, edges, drop shadows, and more. A feature called Recipes guides you through editing techniques.

You can automatically compress photos and attach them to e-mail messages, or optimize images for posting on the Web. There are more than a dozen themed templates for posting to Web galleries.
You can even design greeting cards or create PDF slideshows to share with anyone.
A sophisticated Help search, a Hints Palette, and a a built-in glossary help you to get up and running.

Adobe Systems Photoshop
Distribution Media CD-ROM
Package Type Retail
Software Category Creativity application
Software Subcategory Creativity - image editing
Software Subcategory Creativity - web graphic tools
Adobe Systems Photoshop


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