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Apple Accessories 23" Apple Cinema HD Display

This 23" (viewable) thin film transistor TFT active-matrix liquid crystal display supports an astonishing 1920 x 1200-pixel resolution. Attach the Apple Cinema HD Display to your Power Mac G4 and you're looking at over 2.3 million digital pixels - more than enough to display high-definition (HD) content in its native format, with acres of screen real estate to spare. And yet it takes up very little space on your desk.

The Apple Cinema HD Display gives you flicker-free images with twice the brightness, twice the sharpness, and twice the contrast ratio of the typical CRT display. It features 200 nits of brightness and a 350:1 contrast ratio. And unlike other flat panel displays, it's designed with a pure digital interface to deliver distortion-free images that never need adjusting. And the Apple Cinema HD Display is a great research partner in yet another sense as well: it emits near-zero electromagnetic output, minimizing the kind of interference with sensitive scientific equipment that can skew readings or results. It even integrates a 2-port USB hub.

Its widescreen format and high resolution make the Apple Cinema HD Display the
must-have display for creative professionals.
Now you can have ample room for viewing two full pages of text and graphics side by side, with lots of room for tear-off menus, palettes and toolbars, too. Video and digital images are stunning.
The 16.7 million colors are vivid and true-to-life, and text is sharp and a joy to read.
What's more, a 160-degree viewing angle in all directions ensures uniform color from edge to edge, and Apple's ColorSync technology enables you to create custom profiles to maintain consistent color onscreen and in print.
Whether you're a digital video expert using Final Cut Pro on a Power Mac G4 to edit and author video content in HD resolution or a graphic designer pushing the state of the art beyond its known limits, this is the display for you.

Apple Cinema HD Display

Audio Input Type None
Audio Output Type None
Apple Cinema HD Display
Color White
Form Factor Desktop
Input Device Type None
Operating system
Min Operating System MacOS 9.2.2
Min Operating System MacOS X 10.1.3
Max Resolution 1920 x 1200
Color Support 24-bit (16.7M colors)
Display Size 23
Display Technology LCD Active Matrix
Display Type Flat panel display
Apple Cinema HD Display


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