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Read Tips and Save More.

Tip 1.

Compare prices & shipping & handling to get the true cheapest price.
This will give you the true overall price.

Tip 2.

Sometimes merchants run specials or
offer other incentives to help lower prices.
Some of these are only found on the merchants sites.
You can also find the toll free telephone number
on the merchants site, so you can place your
 order over the phone, and not use your credit card on the internet.

Tip 3.

The merchants we compare prices with use secure encryption
 on their sites which makes your purchase much safer.
This encrypts your information and only the sender
 and the merchant can see the numbers you send to them.

Tip 4.

Always compare prices before you buy.
Save this site to your favorites so you can easily return.
Email this site to your family and friends and help them save too.

Save time and money.
There is no need to pay high gas prices when
online shopping prices are almost always much lower.
We try to offer you more information on products and
services than any other comparison shopping website.

Read millions of consumer written reviews
 on products that will help you decide which product
 you may want or one that may be better
suited for you for a few dollars more.

Consumers also write reviews on their experiences with
 merchants so you can see how each merchant ranks
 according to the other merchants.

We try harder to find you the best prices so that you
will return and compare prices before you make a purchase.

Save this site, send it to friends
and family an always compare before you buy.

Compare prices anytime you need
information on products and services.
Comparison shopping offers much more than the lowest prices.
You always get prices from almost all of the leading
Internet sites and thousands of other sites.
Cheapest Prices Search Engine offers one of the
most comprehensive list of merchants on the Internet.
There are thousands of merchants with more being added daily.
You also get the latest news and reviews on all products
 and there is news on products that are about to be on the market.
Merchants offer many incentives to buy from their stores,
including never using your credit card online.
Each merchant offers a toll free telephone number for
you to use to order your products, ask questions of the
 merchant before you buy and to visit with customer
 service to answer any other questions you may have.
Comparison shop from home, the office or cell phone
and have it delivered to your front door overnight.

Comparison Shop and Save Time & Money

Compare prices on millions of products
from thousands of trusted, certified merchants.
Cheapest Prices Search Engine runs live data feeds to
the merchants lists of products, prices and descriptions.
When prices change they are updated in a matter of minutes.
You also get shipping and handling prices so that you
receive a more realistic price comparison.
Some merchants offer lower prices and higher shipping charges.
This keeps you with the real overall price and you
are able to compare prices in a much more efficient manner.
Compare prices from across the Internet and get returns
from one of the largest list of merchants and products on the Internet.

Merchants often have many incentives like rebates,
clearance items, and other ways to earn your business.

Thank you very much for your visit!

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We do not sell any products or services. We make no guarantees
 on any product, service or price. Prices can change at any time and with our live data feeds we keep as close to real time stats as possible, but always double check before you buy. It is very easy to make a purchase from any merchant. Just visit the merchants site that you are going to purchase from or you can buy using any merchants toll free telephone number. Each merchant is responsible for their prices and delivery times. We certify merchants that show above average results through the use of customer satisfaction and delivery time among other ways. We also have over a million consumer written reviews on products and merchants.

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